UK 3d Hotel Scale Maquette Model For Exhibition

UK 3d hotel scale maquette model for exhibition Model scale : 1/100scale , 1/150scale Model material : Abs and acrylic Model details : full details and full rendering colored Model function : For displaying , marketing , exhibition

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UK 3d hotel scale maquette model for exhibition

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Details of  Products

Brand name

SZJ Model




1/130,1/150 or as request


Painted as renderings


ABS plastic,acrylic,wood,metal,as request


Engraving Machine,Laser Machine,Polishing Machine, Handmade


acrylic with lined,balcony,massing and block,etc


Room and furniture layout,stairs,etc


For real estate selling and exhibition


Inner:Plastic warp Outside:Wooden case or customized

Delivery time

Usually 15-25 days after receiving the needed files

Files format

 dwg,jpg,max,rhino,sketch up,etc

Detail description for model making : 

1..Building details making :

Facade with ABS sheet after computer layout, carving stitching.Made of brick material (such as brick, long brick, Dali

Stone or paint, etc.) in strict accordance with the design requirements. balcony,Railings, bay windows, lines, tile roof, etc. need to be crafted,According to the results of a uniform spray color, bonding into a whole, outside

View beautiful, harmonious colors, the building are all in the lobby are detailed.Processing, each roof marked with number and unit number, part of the sun Taiwan may be appropriate to plant green or placed people Tsai, car and other ornamental

Landscape to increase vividness.


2. Lighting making details:

Lighting can imitate real life in the early, middle and late scenes of the lighting effects, so that the real nature of the building to create a floor of each layer and set the board lights, the combination of building lights with external contour lights, the use of programming control, performance For the warm million lights, gradually bright and dark, such as cold, warm light combination of the effect.


3..Model landscape making details:

 Green material: according to the project landscape plant design to copper wire custom the same plant, with a reasonable variety of plants, to create a comfortable layering with the green effect.

■ landscape need to focus on the expression of the flow line, square to help, commercial recreation area, community landscape and so on. So that the overall effect of elegant and harmonious, full of fun, highlight the green and green living in the district harmony and high-grade building green ring exquisite.


Our factory :

We specialise in architectural models, but we also create industrial models, exhibition models, display models, fibreglass models, and topographical models. We even offer a laser cutting and laser engraving service.   

Regardless of your requirements, our expert team of model makers can help. From a simple concept model to a fully detailed presentation model, from a giant snowball to a purple dragon, we can turn two-dimensional ideas into three-dimensional reality. We can even add sound, light and movement to give your project that extra dimension.   

Our Mode lmakers team are used to dealing with unusual requests. If you need something built that's a bit out of the ordinary, we'll find a way to do it. Our broad knowledge of model making techniques – together with our outstanding technical skill – means that we can handle just about any brief you give us. 

We love a challenge here! Don’t be afraid to get in touch – we are always happy to advise! For many of our customers, commissioning a model is a new experience and the first thing they need is basic information about the model making process. Even if you’re at the very earliest stages of considering a model, we’ll be happy to give you straightforward, jargon-free advice about the options most suited to your project (as well as a rough idea of what they will cost). 

If you are interested in our models, please contact me freely, and welcome to visit our company. We'll give you the best service and reasonable price. Looking forward to an honest cooperation with you! 

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