School Physical Model Making Factory,abs Plastic Miniature Model

School physical model making factory,abs plastic miniature model Model scale :1:200 Model size : 1.4m x 0.8m Project name: GUANGDONG UNIVERSITY OF FOREGIN STUDIES

Product Details

School physical model making factory,abs plastic miniature model 

Description of architectural building scale model 

Brand Name

SZJ model




1:100/1:130/1:200   or as request


Perfect lighting




One set


Based on the   rendering


Painted as   renderings


ABS,Acrylic,Plastic,wood   ,metal and others as you required


Engraving   Machine,Laser Machine,Polishing Machine,Handmade.


Acrylic or   crystal,metal,wood .Plastic based on the demands


Room Decoraction   And Furniture Model or Person model and so


Necessary   document

The   elevation,Section ,Plan Of the Skecth Model


For Real   Estate,Collection for Art,Exhibition


Inmer:Plastic   Filler Outside :solid wooden case

Payment Terms

T/T,Western   Union

Delivery time

Usually 15-25   days after receiving the needed files or customized

Files forma

dwg,jpg,max,rhino,sketch   up,CAD,PDF,JPG,etc.


Product Description

School physical model making factory,abs plastic miniature model 

Model scale :1:200
Model size : 1.4m x 0.8m 

photobank (2).jpg


Our factory and production process:

Over 3000 square meter work shop, with effective machine tools: 3D CAD modeling, laser cut parts, stereo lithography, machine milled topographic modeling, and high density resin casting


1. we can make models according to your requirements and needs, such as scale, size and  others to make your products perfect. 


2.   Custom made OEM service.Just provide the pictures or drawing,we can customize the scales for you.




Our business main including:

1.Real Estate Model

2.Zone Planning Model

     Commercial Building Models  

3.Project   Building Model

     Residential Building Models

4.Industrial   workshop model

     Unit Model  

5.3D Rendering   and Animations 

     Villa Model


  Craft  description-for building: 

1), building materials: all buildings will be with the most advanced imported materials to produce the model. The main material and the strength of America plate
"South Asia and Taiwan PVC" model is the main material of wall body, soft materials will be made of nissan ABS board to connect each other

(2), exterior doors and Windows: using real transparent texture of imported organic glass decoration, art decoration, texture would be more realistic, natural;

(3), model, color: imported British ICI hard matte plastic spray paint, color according to the requirements of party a, uniform color, the color bright beautiful

(4), the structure of the architectural details: according to the figure, combined the technology of computer carved, vacuum blister and laser cutting technology means is complete,Make the model of exquisite realistic

(5) and supporting facilities: configuration glow lamp, garden lamp, car, small seed, various signs, color is rich, to make the mould
Type the effect is more vivid, more lively atmosphere;

(6), lighting configuration: using the latest high-tech technique, the photoelectric selects the advanced electronic microcircuit produced light setting, street light,Courtyard lamp, lamp is use the lighting effects such as well;

(7), sod the effect: sod with German "pieces" brand, the M737 grass planting, adopt uniform planting grass, flocking machine more
Body now the environment beautiful green ecological space;

(8) and other material: green: toppings - model use special toppings. Lawn - model use special lawn.- the company according to different species Tree species made ICI paint - (do not fade, good gloss).To enhance the architectural detail metallic paint - ().Covering film made paint dilute
Release agent - (paint thinner).UHU glue - (strong, tight).Light source - the fly the PuGuangYuan (building interior lighting).
Grain of light - (architectural details lights, road lights, etc.).

(9), the structure of the building: according to the drawing data is made every detail meticulously, realistically express one horn line, one point one in this project 

Surface. Building facade fine production, door window, bay window, balcony, facade architecture, such as real performance, color fidelity, do color
Elegant color, distinct, the overall effect of harmonious and fully display the project characteristic of the architectural design style, strives for realism.
The overall effect is outstanding, show a bustling atmosphere.


Model Packing details:

  Packaging Details:  1.Inner:Plastic warp 
  2.Outside:Wooden case or as requet


   Delivery Detail:

  within 10-15 working days

  according to the model size and discuss with customer

We offer two kinds ways for you to choose  (by sea or air)



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