Project Bidding Scale Model For Competition , Building Block Model

​Project bidding scale model for competitive , building block model  Model scale : 1/300    Model size :1m*1.5m Project name :Project Bidding Scale Model   Building model with abs block +landscape +led lighting

Product Details

Project bidding scale model for competitive , building block model

Project description: 

There are certain occasions when a white styled model is a better option than a fully coloured model. For example, if the building colours and materials 

haven’t actually been finalized, the white styling allows you to avoid the issue. People will look at the monochromatic model and understand straight 

away that it is an architecturally stylized representation of the scheme and not meant to be taken literally. This is often useful for planning consultation 

models or working models investigating massing and general layout. A further advantage of the white model approach is that it usually quicker to make 

and hence less expensive. 

Product Description:

Project bidding scale model for competitive , building block model

 Model scale : 1/300  

 Model size :1m*1.5m

Project name :Project Bidding Scale Model 

 Building model with abs block +landscape +led lighting



Our company :

Guangzhou szj building model co., LTD. Is China is still in building model the one of the pioneers of the industry, with exquisite craft, reputation to life.With the continuous improvement of technical level, has been in the model world of its own, and reputation.Won numerous designers in the industry my company, real estate developers, the government unit's affirmation and praise.



Our Production Room for model making: 

Our factory and production process:

Over 3000 square meter work shop, with effective machine tools :3D CAD modeling, laser cut parts, stereo 

lithography, machine milled topographic modeling, and high density resin casting

1.   we can make models according to your requirements and needs, such as scale, size and 

others to make your products perfect. 

2.   Custom made /OEM service.Just provide the pictures or drawing,we can customize the scales for you.



Our business main including:

I. Model

· Commercial building models

· Urban planning models

· Residential building models

· Mechanical & simulation models

· Interior models


II. 3D Animation

· 3D architectural animatiom

· 3D architectural rendering


III. Sign

· Real estate signs

· Tourism scenic area signs

· Traffic signs

· Commercial signs

· Others

Model packing and shipment:

Packaging Details:

1.Inner:Plastic warp 
2.Outside:Wooden case or as requet

Delivery Detail:

Within 10-15 working days 
Aaccording to the model size and discuss with customer 
We offer two kinds ways for you to choose (by sea or air)



For architectural models in particular we need:


1: The scale size


2: The CAD plan, elevation, section and site planning drawing


3: 3d rendering or sketch-up drawing


4: Other special requirements for the landscape, light and base etc 




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